C. T. McGaha

Sprout and the Bean, pt. II

an important thing
to remember
is everyone
deals with depression
like sometimes
i lay in the bath
until the water is cold
and listen to joanna newsom
while my cat sleeps
on the windowsill
in the bedroom
and Zoë is at work.
and sometimes
i have to go to work
and make jokes
and talk to people.
and sometimes
it helps to get out
and make jokes
and talk to people.
but most times
i just count
the coffee cups
i hand to customers
while shooting the shit
about their kids and jobs
that they have to go to
and make jokes
and talk to people
and i try to see
how many coffee cups
there are
until i can go home
and start the bathwater
and search for the speaker's
charging cable, disrobing.


C.T. McGaha is a writer from Charlotte, NC. Their work has been featured in Hobart, Juked, 90s Meg Ryan and other literary journals. They're also the author of the chapbook, GUTTERBOY RIDES AGAIN (Ursus Americanus Press, 2017).