Tiffany Belieu

Two Negatives

When I close my eyes all I see are
teeth and the terrible ways we open.
Walked the line, so close to
disgust, thinking you beautiful 
I wanted to press my fingers
into the abscess of your skin,
suck the puss and leave
no evidence that feelings festered.
You left so much of yourself
behind, stray cords, shoes
discharged in carnal
encounters, we were meat
not meet-cute, more caution 
taped crime scene than romcom.
I can’t compare us 
like a conclusion, like gravity
love that pulls you is amateur
our magnets push,
seductive repulsion.

Tiffany Belieu is working hard on her dream of writing. Her work is published or forthcoming in Meow Meow Pow PowCollective UnrestThe Cabinet of Heed, and Okay Donkey among others. She loves tea and cats and can be found @tiffobot on Twitter.