Masoume Rahmani


I stand
On this side,
Mired in the mud of centuries of my bondage
Without a barrier
On this side,
There is no path, no pioneer, no gift.

O Lord of all sides!
O Lord of all sides, You!
O Lord of all existing sides!
O Dwelling Place of our eyes!

In this upward explosion of sea
This bold dark color
Like the tea of Iraq
The boundary here
As far as the boundary
Of the Nile,
The hardest liquid is formed and
In the way of light has collapsed. 

In the eyes of the inhabitants confined in walls.
And God is just to
A thin line of existence,
And breathes out a miracle,
To the speed of compliance,
He’ll take your hand, your Protection

In this neutral linear twilight
Between midnight and morning
I stand
The surveyor of "Inertia", all of us
Listening to the complaining of my feet...
My breath stops more
Of what is quiet.
It will be a smile
That extends over the skies ... 

Masoume Rahmani was born in Takestan, Iran, in 1987. She has previously studied literature and human science, but she is currently studying entrepreneurship management at the University of Tehran. She was a member of the poetry association at her previous university, and she has won several prizes in student poetry. She continues to write in her free time.