Georgia Beatty

Self Preservation

a glimpse into the political system equates to nazism staring into a sea of disciples
who want nothing more than to see the drowning of the masses
persecution of wrongdoers and
admiralty courts behind barbed fences.
trial? but this is your trial:
            you stand as the fault of our nation’s downfall
            you stand weeping for your children but your tears are dirt and you are but dirt
            you savor nothing but dirt and you wear only dirt
            you savor the blood spurting from the wounds of our holy breed
            you taint the mouths of these fine and decent people
            you taint the minds of our children with lies
            you are nothing but a thief and will ergo suffer a yellow mark on your dignity
            you are the arsenic of our firm foundation
            you cause the pillars of this country to crumble into unwarranted ruin
            you cause the air to taste like ashes and that makes us vomit
            you make our treasury suffer
            you make us throw debris into your window
            you expend our resources for the war effort
            you expend our oxygen for the breathing effort

I understand your contempt, but
it is only euthanasia after all;
nothing matters as long as we witness progress of the
aryan race!
nothing matters as long as we achieve success!
regardless of the potential genocide of the oil people
and the aliens

always in search of a scapegoat,
that’s the American Dream. 

Fulcrum and a Lever Arm


hadrian and antinous fortifying themselves as one in an ophrys
spruneri garden somewhere in ancient greece! and think of
yourself as the fulcrum between the two perhaps
like how i did making love to stars strung like a barge across
the ohio riv in july with my eyes! because i am the fulcrum!
this is the turning point! i am the turning point around
which the revolution bell tolls! the world bends! the space-time
continuum rotates to provide this earth with some kind of
sustenance or peace! or with life at the bottom of a whiskey
bottle! or the bottom of a hollowed out coniferous where a
squirrel carcass (or maybe a chipmunk it’s hard to tell
anymore) numbers its anorexic days carrying meaningless
acorns into a hollowness it was never fated to escape!

fulcrum! fulcrum and a lever arm!
the world is brimming with 7.4 bil sinners!
hellfire lynches 7.4 bil sinners!
but you are the fulcum! we! are! the! fulcrum!
of delirium! vanity! libido! ecstasy!
              (hadrian and antinous were lovers all the same) 

Furnace of Aphrodisiacs

how marvelous the evolution of this darkness
fostered by our pitiful caterwauling at the ankles of Allah
who remains indifferent one way or the other as to how you die
or how you breathe or how your chest aches at the warm
flesh of another person just as damned as you

how marvelous the sheets of fiery bath that
curl around your waltzing bodies in a furnace brimming
with panging aphrodisia
a vengeance so lustful you cannot comprehend through the
catastrophic eyes of sweat and the submissiveness of honesty to the hearth
consuming the innards of your thoughts like communism and McCarthy

how marvelous the subordination of the fickle people
the evolution of this darkness was long foreseen at the first
notion of the martyr’s outcry callow sentiments
knell of human vice

we cry tears of lust at Jehovah’s feet like it will
somehow save our souls from the gibbet and
false deposition at the witness stand 

Georgia Beatty, a junior at Weir High School, placed first statewide in the 2014 West Virginia Young Writer’s Contest and is a 2015 alumna of the WV Governor’s School for the Arts. There isn’t much to do in her hometown of Weirton, WV, so she writes words a lot. She likes The Beatles and coffee mugs. Find her self-published poetry and the like at She tweets @georbeatty.