2018 Summer Series: The Complete Collection

Complete 2018 Series - Final.png
Complete 2018 Series - Final.png

2018 Summer Series: The Complete Collection


This is your opportunity to download all 75 titles from the 2018 Ghost City Press Summer Micro-Chapbook Series at once! All donations go to Ghost City Press. If you would like to donate to an author individually, visit their individual titles and click on the "Donate to Author" button at the bottom of the page. 

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01. Casserole by Sara Adams

02. there are over 100 billion stars in our galaxy by Canaan Anthony-Whitston

03. Wolf Inventory by Zefyr Lisowski

04. Outerbridge Shelter by Brett Stuckel

05. SOAP Notes by Elizabeth Sackett

06. Navy News Service by Jacquelyn Bengfort

07. For God So Loved The by P. J. Kryfko  

08. Heaven is Only a Part of Our Body Where All the Sickness Resides by Tanya Singh

09. Let The Light In by Shriram Sivaramakrishnan

10. Pulse by Katherine Indermaur

11. Love's Refrain by Lucas Bailor

12. Loneliness, and Other Ways to Split a Body by Kanika Lawton

13. no matter what you say spotify playlists are not mixtapes by S.G. Maldonado-Vélez & Stephanie Francis

14. Will You Let It Send You Out by Jack C. Buck

15. Holes of Silver by Julia Johanne Tolo

16. Out of the Shell by Zac Porter

17. Cloud Physics by Erin Renee Wahl

18. My Only Regret Is Having A Body by Jess R. Sutton

19. Evolving God by M. Stone

20. Glass Onion Atmosphere by Allison Miriam Smith

21. Palace by Matthew Bookin

22. Pennine Hillsongs (The Haunted Mask II) by M; Margo

23. Epoch & Olivetti Sing All The Hits by Ashley Naftule

24. Mere Reflections: The Evolution of a Woman by Brittany Marie

25. Apologetics: 12 Poems and 1 Essay by Alec Peterson 

26. Graphic 2 by Rachelle Toarmino

27. The Impending Heat Death of the Universe and Other Things that Stop Me from Caring by Philip Elliott

28. Is This Intimate or Just Gross by Emma Seely-Katz

29. Gulag Picture Radio by John Leo

30. Prosopopoeia by Sneha Subramanian Kanta

31. MELODRAMA by Helga Floros 

32. Space Spectacular by Amanda Stovicek

33. With by Noah Fields

34. FOUNDER by Eve Kenneally

35. When I Was A Hare Krishna by Lucas Gonzalez

36. Maybe I'm The Problem by Nadeeyah Haseeb 

37. It Makes More Noise Than I Thought It Would by Rhea Ramakrishnan

38. Daylight by Visar

39. Space, Collisions by L. N. Holmes

40. Manilla Kisses by Polina Riabova

41. What the River Made by Dane Hamann

42. The Procession by Benjamin Brindise

43. Public Places I've Cried by Alyssa Carabez

44. yellow water by Vanessa Castro

45. Heart Trouble by Robert Hamilton

46. A Chronicle of This New Quaint Life by Carmen E. Brady

47. Gordita Especial by Rodrigo Calafell

48. films by Theodore Fox

49. A Place Between Expired Dreams and Renewed Nightmares by J. B. Stone

50. Ten Commandments You'll Want to Remember in Your Next Life Baby Girl by S. L. Cantwell

51. Simpsons Episodes for Breakfast by Carson Nevada

52. internet fruit by Chloe Burns

53. Bernie Sanders Broke My Heart and I Turned Into an Iceberg by Justin Karcher

54. Picture This by Suchi J. Pritchard

55. Emma by Gabriel Oladipo 

56. stab stab stab by Scout Kelly

57. Damn Good by Lily Trotta 

58. A Pen / A Broken Promise / A Poppy Flower In My Head by Autumn Echo

59. Private Again by Delia Rainey

60. Something Like That by Rachel Tanner

61. Step Parents: A Creation Myth by Jeremy Boyd

62. Special Ultimate: Baby's Story: A Documentary by Sally Burnette

63. Be Without Be Without Be Without by Faye Chevalier

64. Late Summer: A Mixtape by Janna Tay

65. Pint Sized Infinity by Kari Sonde

66. All Spells Are Strong Here by Catherine Garbinsky

67. An Encyclopedia of Everything We've Touched by Mariel Fechik

68. The Future by Aiden Arata

69. Seemed Like Lightning Was A Good Idea by Delphi Blanshard

70. A Gift by Chad Redden

71. Wild Thing by Maya Debnam

72. Poems for Crones by Roxy Runyan

73. Some Times by Michael Mungiello

74. Deep Gentle Blue by Alexandra Kesick 

75. Dear John: Love Letters to John Connor, Leader of the Human Resistance and Victor in the War Against the Machines, 2035 by RBrown