2017 Summer Series: The Complete Collection

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2017 poster.jpg

2017 Summer Series: The Complete Collection


This is your opportunity to download all 75 titles from the 2017 Ghost City Press Summer Micro-Chapbook Series at once! All donations go to Ghost City Press. If you would like to donate to an author individually, visit their individual titles and click on the "Donate to Author" button at the bottom of the page. 

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01. Yr Yr by Matt Margo 

02. Origami Creature by Nathanael William Stolte 

03. A Dream You Have Not Had by Isabelle Davis 

04. Dream-Like Houses by Joyce Chong 

05. Thirteen by Dalton Day 

06. Urban Nectar by Shirley Jones Luke 

07. Goddish by Kari Sonde 

08. Daydreams in 6/6/6 by Rosie Jean Accola 

09. Airplane Poems by Abigail King 

10. Notes from Shower by Jake Cheriff & Camille Petricola 

11. STOP GODDAMN APOLOGIZING by Sarah Jean Alexander 

12. Self- Help by Nancy Tang 

13. Welcome to Bermuda by Evan Zimmer 

14. Shard Atlas by Wren Awry 

15. MUSTANG by Jordan Hoxsie 

16. Baby on Bar by Emily O'Neill 

17. Fleeting with No Good Reason by Rivka Yeker

18. I Wait By the Door for Blue 52 to Come Home by Beyza Ozer 

19. Sounds in Verbatim by Shannon Cawley 

20. Once Upon a Time I was Michael Thomas Taren by Evan Kleekamp

21. Oscar Mike Alfa Romeo by J. Sebastian Alberdi 

22. Internet Boyfriend by Christopher Lee 

23. Blinding Narcissus by Robbie Coburn 

24. How to Talk to Writers at Parties by Deirdre Coyle 

25. Places by Christian Patterson 

26. Conversations by Jakob Maier

27. Stevie Nicks Wild Heart by Dylan Lewis 

28. Liner Notes by Katie Prout

29. Killer by Ashley Mares 

30. i love you 2016 by Shy Watson 

31. Necronomicon by Sam Feldman 

32. You Should Be Here by Amanda Dissinger 

33. Like Love by Annette Schlichter 

34. SCREAMS and Lavender by Dior J. Stephens 

35. Just Because You've Been Hospitalized for Depression Doesn't Mean You're Kanye West by Justin Karcher 

36. The Rotting Kind by Jesse Rice-Evans 

37. Oral by Kyla Bills 

38. To Breathe Deep by Christopher Morgan 

39. I Don't Know What I'm Doing but I'm Doing It Loudly by Kimya Lamb

40. Land of Water Eaters by Luis Neer 

41. Bathtub by Theodore Fox 

42. Masachrist by Robert Fowler 

43. Skillful Interiors by Rachel Davies 

44. AVOKA by Elle Nash 

45. !!!be less afraid!!! by El Pearson 

46. In Search of Blue Peonies by Janea Kelly 

47. The Ocean is Bigger Than Anyone Who Has Ever Hurt You by Katie Burke 

48. Have Trust in Being by Lander Eicholzer 

49. //GERMZ by Stephon Lawrence 

50. Bangers by Erin Taylor 

51. Wild Horse Rappers by Precious Okoyomon & Willis Plummer 

52. GRAPHIC by Rachelle Toarmino 

53. SEACHANGE by Katie Rice & Lisa Keller of FUTURE$RICH 

54. Snake Eyes by Shane O'Donnell 

55. Flowers are for Pussies (and Other White Lies) by Sung Yim 

56. Rib Missing by Emily Muerhoff 

57. Last Week's Weather Forecast Made Me Nervous by NM Esc  

58. Acknowledgments by Clare Vernon 

59. The Girl in the Fishbowl by Vanessa Castro

60. Going to Ithaca by Chrissy Montelli 

61. Zorko by Greg Zorko 

62. SkySea by Saquina Karla C. Guam 

63. How To Be A Perfect Bride by Lucy K. Shaw 

64. When Cars Touch by Alexis Bates 

65. To a T by Jean Yoon 

66. Object of Art by Aiden Arata 

67. The Coast, A Pit and A Child by Sylvia Gutierrez 

68. Grief Nausea by Alexandra Wuest

69. Juice by Alyson Lewis 

70. Green Looping Fantasy by Caroline White

71. Faggy Bird Poems by Joe Rupprecht

72. For The Love of All That's Holy, Don't Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde by Brenna Mar

73. Torch Song by Adrian Sobol

74. Man as a Cactus by Jordan Alan Brown 

75. Rub This Daisy Into My Palm by Justin Chase Jones