Annabel Mahoney

Lucy Goose-Girl

Grey-eyed-girl Lucy
hard to love
loose in the schoolground
and always alone
            In the past, you could see
            yourself hard if you looked right
            a still lake
            (bending to get water)
            a church font
            (when your eyes are fixed on God)
            any glass in any window
                        always a subsidiary thing;
                        nothing made to reflect you
                        nothing made to dwell-
                        the mirror has killed the man
a slack-faced map of
what goes wrong in a
face knew she was made wrong
            she had not seen herself
            in a still lake
            (bending to get water)
            a church font
            (when her eyes were fixed on God)
            any glass in any window
                        because someone noticed and they said
                        ‘Hey, Lucy’s got grey eyes’
                        then everyone noticed & everyone knew
Grey-eyed Lucy goose
always a subsidiary thing;
nothing made to reflect you
nothing made to dwell-
the one time she’d seen her eyes
she’d said:
‘I don’t know. They look like
blue to me’.

Annabel Mahoney is the Editor-in-Chief of the Wellington Street Review and the Creative Director of Royal Rose Magazine.She has been widely published in a number of literary journals and anthologies and shortlisted for poetry and prose prizes by the Human Rights Watch and The Literary Association. Her first collection, Wyf-King, is forthcoming from Lapwing Publications.In October, she will join the English Department at the University of Durham, researching the intersection of touch, trauma and masculinity in exploration and combat literature of the 20th Century.