Brendan Wallace

A Reflection Upon Grief


grief on the front porch (that) is not much different than
                       grief in the driver’s seat

only that the physicalities of
the mourner
and the ten foot radius
encounter a differentiating stimuli

               a tear down the cheek
        the slamming of the car wheel

the severity subjected to change
                           and the reaction
                                  acted upon-
        reflectance of some psyche
                            or whether it is 

grief in the driver’s seat (that) is not much different than
                         grief on the front porch



For Legacy Skout

then from that day
and the every afterward,
she took her twig fingers
-etching her chest’s core-
whittling herself
into the rocking chair of
one hundred and one age rings

to the legs that met
every night of
glossy brown eyes gone closed,
arms wrapped around necks,
whispered “i love you’s”
that carried her inept body
back to mossy floors

from the heart of hemlock
in forest depths
ringing bells of sweet ode
and soft architecture,
Mother Tree sang,

“beautiful little girl

unto bark
and back
i have cut
to rock you
into me

and my barefooted
little one
has been rocked in
by green masses
that will fall asleep
more peacefully
than you ever have
into me”

you are a little earth opening               growing 


Separation Anxiety

Deoxyribonucleic acid is to the utmost of the histone.
The essentiality of the protein will be found in

each resident with an earnest constriction,
such a wise, evolutionized chromatin-

sequential variables.

And Spindle was honing
in the daughter’s demise
of auctioning and receiving

unterminated capillaries,
and pits.

Fixed eyes miss the effects of ignorance and bliss
and diploids stay at 23. 


Brendan Wallace is a junior at Elkins High School in West Virginia and an alumnus of the West Virginia Governor’s School for the Arts 2015. He has pursued poetry for just over a year now. With a vast love for people, the power of written word, and Jesus, Brendan is a happy kid.