Tailgating at the Gates of Hell

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Tailgating at the Gates of Hell


Tailgating at the Gates of Hell by Justin Karcher
Published October 6th, 2015
Trade Paperback
88 Pages
ISBN-10: 0996497722  
ISBN-13: 9780996497725

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Praise for Tailgating at the Gates of Hell

"Here's the thing about being a mad bastard: you can always recognize another one. On some instinctual, primordial, reptilian, old-brain level, you can spot someone else who's mad as a March Hare. Justin Karcher is out of his mind. In a good way. The best kind of way. In the poetic sense of someone who's veins are on fire with passion and prose. The words are exploding out of this man and we're all lucky enough to be on the other end of it. Trust me, I've been in his shoes and it's a scary, exciting, unpredictable place to be. Real poetry...real poets? They've got the world pouring out of their fingertips and there's no way to stop the flood. Tailgating At The Gates Of Hell is not your grandmother's Condensed Best Of Safe and Inoffensive American Poetry Primer. Nothing inside of it will ever make it's way onto a knitted sampler or the bumper sticker of a lily-white compact SUV. Thank God for that."

- Tom Waters, author and essayist


"A breath of fresh air in the elmwood-bidwell vortex / wildly psychedelically floating / in fits and starts / thru the postmodern wasteland / of drones on the asphalt plain / in the town of bicycles and beards / "David Foster Pynchon" of the rust belt / on a trajectory toward / his warm human heart / Justin time."

- Philip Burke, award winning Rolling Stone illustrator and rock 'n' roll painter