Saranac Lake Ghost Poems

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Saranac Lake Ghost Poems

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Saranac Lake Ghost Poems by Maurice Kenny
Published April 26th, 2016
Trade Paperback
75 Pages
ISBN-10: 0996497730
ISBN-13: 9780996497732

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Praise for Saranac Lake Ghost Poems

"The various haunts, spectres, dim memories, uneasy feelings, odd sounds, and things that go bump in the night that populate these poems attest to the diverse and beautifully imprecise nature of Maurice Kenny's ghosts, whether they are emanating from the tamarack boards of house in the Adirondacks or stalking the stairwells of Brooklyn brownstones.”

- Derek Maus, SUNY Potsdam

“Maurice Kenny is one of the more powerful voices in contemporary American Letters, no "minority" class filiation needed…Kenny writes deftly in the lyric mode…with a richness of vision”

- Nicholas Spengler, author of Your Voice in Half Light

“Maurice Kenny stands at the forefront of his generation. Few writers of any ethnicity are destined to be remembered in the mainstream of literary history. I believe that Kenny’s contributions as a poet are among those few. He writes from the center, as our Elders would say.”

- Wendy Rose, author of Lost Copper

“Maurice Kenny’s…voice long ago achieved warmth, humility, and indispensable authenticity.”

- Neil Baldwin, author of Legends of the Plumed Serpent: Biography of a Mexican God